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One of the myths that we often hear is that "Dereham Sixth Form College is most concerned with students who are going to University." This is false!

Each year we prepare students for a wide range of future pathways. While a large percentage of our students go on to Higher Education other students successfully apply to apprenticeships, management training schemes, employment or Further Education. Through the excellent ULAS programme we follow, as well as the county-wide Higher Education Scheme, you will be encouraged to record your interests, ambitions, skills and talents and will then be constantly alerted to local and national opportunities including university and college open days, industry specific days, talks, lectures, work experience or shadowing opening, etc. You will be challenged from day one to think about how you can acquire those much sought after ‘employability skills’ and, through a robust programme of work-related learning, will be encouraged to build up a portfolio of skills which will serve you equally well at whatever stage you join the job market.

For those students who do wish to continue their education at university we foster high aspirations and help students to select the right course and location for them. Every year we send students to Oxford and Cambridge as well as many other top selecting universities.

Throughout the academic year we provide a number of opportunities where you can learn more about the varying opportunities available to you from talks about student finance and funding, to visits from local businesses and STEM ambassadors as well as our Apprenticeships, Volunteering and Careers Fairs.

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